Site Brussels: Military Hospital, Bruynstreet 200, 1120 Brussels tel:+32(0)22644097 Fax:+32(0)22644098 (Roadplan)

Site Ghent: Dr. Guislain museum, Jozef Guislainstraat 43, 9000 Ghent (Roadplan)

The Belgian Museum of Radiology was established in 1990 in the corridors of the radiology department of the military hospital in Brussels. According to a survey conducted in "Science Museum" in London with 40,000 visitors , it seems that the most important discovery of the 19th century is radiology ! Remember also that radiology is used in many fields different from medicine . It is a fact that due to  to the radiology, more than 30 Nobel Laureates have gained their prizes with the practical implementation of this technology. In the world, museums of radiology are rather rare.

In 1997, our section of neuroradiology was transferred to the Museum of Psychiatry "Dr. Guislain" in Ghent.

Currently we have a site in Brussels and another in Ghent. Guided tours are availble in both locations (on demand)!

A nonprofit association , called ASKLEPIOS, supports activities whom are organized on regular periods by museum volunteers. 2015 was the  year  of 25th anniversary of our museum. We wish you an instructive visit to this site because you are the best ambassador to promote the museum. We count on you to join our organisation. We are looking forward te hear from you!

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Belgian museum of Radiology

Military Hospital
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Radiology in a trench Coat - Military radiology on the western front during "The great war"

By René Van Tiggelen. Curator of the Belgian Museum for Radiology, Translated by Jan Dirckx


 ISBN 97890382-19394 

(2013) 260pp

Price 30€ Plus shipment cost to order on : 

IMG 0158


A transparent skull - Illustrated story about radiology

By René Van Tiggelen. Curator of the Belgian Museum for Radiology.

A top quality trilingual book in Dutch, French and English, 240 pages, Italian-sized (oblong), in four-colour printing. A considerable source of progress for medicine altogether, neuroradiology has developed and contributed to research for more than a century and has always proven rich of creativity and inventiveness thanks to its efforts. Nowadays basing itself on the most advanced technologies, it is developing on and on. Famous names are associated to those developments and deserve our consideration. René Van Tiggelen's book is a collection of abundantly illustrated original papers. It also celebrates the 45 years of the Belgian Association of Neuroradiology and those who consider themselves the heirs of such a prestigious page of science history will undoubtedly want to possess this book.


ISBN 2-930418-28-1 (2007,235pp)

Price 30€ Plus shipment cost to order on :



DVD - The (re)discovery of X-rays

DVD :13 minutes

 Trinlingual (English, French, Dutch)

Assista o filme com legendas em Português

Price 10€ Plus shipment cost to order on :

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