Site Brussels: Military Hospital, Bruynstreet 200, 1120 Brussels tel:+32(0)22644097 Fax:+32(0)22644098 (Roadplan)

Site Ghent: Dr. Guislain museum, Jozef Guislainstraat 43, 9000 Ghent (Roadplan)

The Belgian Museum of Radiology was established in 1990 in the corridors of the radiology department of the military hospital in Brussels. According to a survey conducted in "Science Museum" in London with 40,000 visitors , it seems that the most important discovery of the 19th century is radiology ! Remember also that radiology is used in many fields different from medicine . It is a fact that due to  to the radiology, more than 30 Nobel Laureates have gained their prizes with the practical implementation of this technology. In the world, museums of radiology are rather rare.

In 1997, our section of neuroradiology was transferred to the Museum of Psychiatry "Dr. Guislain" in Ghent.

Currently we have a site in Brussels and another in Ghent. Guided tours are availble in both locations (on demand)!

A nonprofit association , called ASKLEPIOS, supports activities whom are organized on regular periods by museum volunteers. 2015 was the  year  of 25th anniversary of our museum. We wish you an instructive visit to this site because you are the best ambassador to promote the museum. We count on you to join our organisation. We are looking forward te hear from you!

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Belgian museum of Radiology

Military Hospital
rue Bruynstraat 200
1120 Brussel - Bruxelles 

Tel: +32(0)22644097




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In Brussels

The museum is setup in the waiting rooms of the military hospital department of medical imaging. Patients waiting for their exams but also the general public are invited to survey a century of medical discoveries. The wall posters and photographs, reveals the secrets of radiology over the years. In this way, visitors will discover the history of radiology form the time of the pioneers of X-rays to the most recent developments of this discipline.

In Ghent

A considerable source of progress for medicine altogether neuroradiology has developed and contributed to research for more than a century and has always proven rich of creativity and inventiveness. Nowadays basing itself on the most advanced technologies, it is still developing further on. Great names of Radiology are associated with these developments and deserve our respect.

Recently, the neuroradiology section has been integrated into the permanent collect of the psychiatric museum Dr. Guislain in Ghent.

Guided visits are possible - please contact us

Visitor information

The museum collection at the Military Hospital of Brussels (roadplan) consists of posters and photos which reveal the secrets of radiology. The visit provides a unique opportunity to learn about the history of radiology from the early days of the x-ray pioneers until today’s most recent medical applications such as ultrasound and computed tomography. Last but not least the visitor will also be introduced to a variety of non-medical radiological applications in the area of palaeontology, fine arts, philately, ballistics… Since some collections are moved to Ghent, click here for the virtual visit of historical reconstructions when exposed in Brussels.

In Ghent, at the Museum Dr Guislain, (roadmap) the section neuroradiology is already showed. You find in particular the first CT scan used in Belgium (1974). Click here to visit our actual rooms.

Addition of a eighties room

A new acquisition to our museum collection is the composition of a radiology room as they were in the eighties of the previous century.

All the shown equipment is currently outdated and replaced by CT en MRI scanners. The equipment does not longer exists in the field.

Museums as ours save these former technical highlights for generations to come.

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Our complete book collection is accessable in a brand new library and available for the public.

25 years radiology 




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