Site Brussels: Military Hospital, Bruynstreet 200, 1120 Brussels tel:+32(0)22644097 Fax:+32(0)22644098 (Roadplan)

Site Ghent: Dr. Guislain museum, Jozef Guislainstraat 43, 9000 Ghent (Roadplan)

Le musée belge de radiologie a été créé en 1990 dans les couloirs du service de radiologie de l'hôpital militaire de Bruxelles.
D'après une enquête, réalisée au "Science Museum" de Londres, auprès de 40.000 visiteurs, il ressort que la plus importante découverte du 19e siècle serait la radiologie ! Il faut aussi savoir que la radiologie est utilisée dans bien des domaines autres que la médecine. Enfin, notons que c'est grâce à la radiologie que plus de 30 lauréats du Prix Nobel doivent leur prix à l'emploi de cette technique. Cependant il n'existe que quelques musées de radiologie au niveau mondial..
En 1997, la section de neuroradiologie est transférée vers le musée de psychiatrie Dr Guislain à Gand. Ainsi donc nous avons actuellement un site bruxellois et gantois qui méritent bien chacun une visite guidée ! Une association sans but lucratif, dénommée ASKLEPIOS, vient soutenir les activités organisées régulièrement par les bénévoles du musée.

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Contact us: 

Belgian museum of Radiology

Military Hospital
rue Bruynstraat 200
1120 Brussel - Bruxelles 

Tel: +32(0)22644097




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 X-rays / Roentgen-museums or collections


 Museum (and web site)  Description specialities  Place and Contacts  Rép
Dr. Hakim's Collection Antique X-Ray Tubes and Accessories 

A large personal collection of antique and vintage X-ray tubes, kenotrons, and radiology-related accessories.
In the web site the different items are classified in 6 categories, with a detailed description of every item.
The website also includes, in a pdf form, a downloadable "Compact Guide to the Collection".
Visits are most welcome after appointment.
23, Allée des Fleurs
Bayada - Kornet Chehwan
Metn, Lebanon.
Post Office Box:
16-6486 Beirut Lebanon
Contact Person: Zahi N. Hakim, MD
Tel: +961 4 911933 
Collection of the Australian Radiation Protection and Nuclear Safety Agency 

Collection of the ARPANSA, including some X-ray tubes
Melbourne, Australia

619 Lower Plenty Road
Yallambie VIC 3085

Tel: +61 3 9433 2211
Fax: +61 3 9432 1835 

Belgian Museum of Radiology 

Belgian Museum of Radiology has an original feature: it is integrated into the daily activity of the medical imaging service of a hospital. 1500 exhibits.
Military Hospital,
Bruynstreet 200,
1120 Brussels
Tel: +32 2 2644097
Fax: +32 2 2644098
Contact Person: Dr René Van Tiggelen 
 Boerhaave Museum 

National Museum of the History of Science and Medicine

Leiden, the Netherlands
 Boerhaave Museum:  National Museum of the History of Science and Medicine

400 years of Dutch science and medicine viewed in 24 rooms on two levels.   Collection includes:

- around 250 X-ray tubes

- X-ray equipment and apparatus

- Geissler, fosforescence and Crookes tubes

- photographic collection of medical x-rays including full body prints, and photographic albums of hospital x-ray departments.

- Library including instrument catalogues, x-ray atlases, titles on techniques, Röntgen, therapy and diagnostics.
See for catalogue:
Lange St. Agnietenstraat 10
2312 WC Leiden Netherlands
Postbus 11280
2301 EG Leiden Netherlands
contact: Dr. Mieneke te Hennepe, curator
tel: +31 71 5662713 
 Private collection Henk Dijkstra

 Collection of old electronic glassware of Henk Dijkstra, mainly cathode ray, Geissler and Crookes tubes (ancestors of X-ray tubes) and some X-ray tubes.
Presented only via internet.

Contact person: Henk Dijkstra 

 - W. C. Roentgens life, all kinds of applications of X-rays and many instruments like kymograph, orthodiagraph, transversal-planigraph, mammograph etc.
- Library with 17.000 volumes and 150 journals about X-ray physics, techniques and medical technology in the house of birth of W. C. Roentgen 150 m from the museum
- Collections:
X-ray equipment and apparatus in a) medicine including MRI and Sonography , b) non-destructive testing, c) X-ray microscopy, d) X-ray astronomy, e) X-ray crystallography, f) X-ray physics,
- Activities:
Awarding of the Roentgen-Medal since 1952, Education material for students, Roentgen Mini Club, visitors X-ray laboratory, Workshops, Guided tours, Lectures program, school cooperations
- Seat of the "Gesellschaft der Freunde und Foerderer des Deutschen Roentgen-Museums Remscheid-Lennep e.V." (association of the friends and promoters of the German Roentgen-museum Remscheid-Lennep), nominating candidates for the "Roentgen-Plakette" (Roentgen-medal)
- Extended in 2006, the new "Deutsches Roentgen-Museum" now on 2.100 m2 exhibition area, guided tours every hour
- Kids Roentgenmuseum
 Since 1932
Schwelmer-Strasse 41,
42897 Remscheid,
Germany, Europe
Tel. +49 2191 / 16-3384
Fax. +49 2191 / 16-3145 

Contact: Dr Uwe Busch
tel: +49 2191 163406 

 Health Physics Historical Instrumentation Collection 

 A comprehensive collection of artifacts related to the nuclear sciences. Although broad in scope, it does have rather extensive collection of radiation detectors, radioactive quack cures and x-ray tubes.
Not open to the general public.
 Oak Ridge Associated Universities,
1299 Bethel Valley Road
Oak Ridge
TN 37830 Tennessee
Contact person : Paul Frame 
 Historisches Glasapparatemuseum
(Historical Glass Apparatus Museum)

 Historisches Glasapparatemuseum Cursdorf: technical glassware, X-ray tubes in action
Historisches Glasapparatemuseum
Ortsstrasse 23
98744 Cursdorf,
Germany, Europe

Tel: +49 36705 62017 

 Vintage X-ray and electrotherapy Museum 

 X-ray museum of the department of radiology of the Indian "Armed Forces Medical College (AFMC)": collection of more than 20,000 films illustrating clinically interesting conditions and exhibiting the development of technology through ages to the present state of the art.
 Vintage X-ray Museum
c/o Daniel O. Cuscela, D.O.
7 Indian River Drive
Titusville, Fl 32780
 Jochen Gittel's collection of vacuum valves including some X-ray tubes (search there "Röntgen"); presented only via internet (pictures and comments).
 Germany, Europe

Contact: Joachim Gittel 

 Private collection of tubes of Giorgio Basile 

 More than 3000 lamps and vacuum tubes, including 85 X-ray tubes, both ancient and modern, for medical or industrial applications

Visits after appointment possible.

No other activities.

 Avenue de Burlet, 35
1400 Nivelles

Contact person : Giorgio BASILE 

 The Museum is located in the Radiology Institute, sharing the spaces occupied by the most sophisticated and modern devices

It contains a collection relating to the X-Ray and Pietro Cignolini's life, who was the founder of the department of radiology in the hospital of Palermo. The collections of the Museum include many instruments connected with the discovery of X-rays, and their diagnostic and therapeutic applications.
The aim of the Museum is to present the visitor the history of radiology with a purpose that goes beyond the simple description of historical facts. This was reached thanks to the opportunity to be able to tell history, in terms of events, facts and news, the life of both the men who dedicated their entire life to this science, and finally, the tools that characterize and differentiate it from all other medical disciplines. The atmosphere that you breathe inside the museum is that of a scientific and cultural integration that comes from a real synergy between historical instruments and modern elements used during the daily work in the hospital.

 Museo della Radiologia di Palermo

Via del Vespro, 129
90127 - Palermo,

Contact person: Prof. Massimo Midiri
Tel: +39 091 6552339 

 X-ray equipment collection in the Powerhouse Museum, part of the Museum of Applied Arts and Sciences, presents exhibitions and programs "based on the ideas and technologies that have changed our world".
Its purpose is "to enable visitors to discover and be inspired by human ingenuity".
 500 Harris Street,
Ultimo, Sydney, NSW 2007,

PO Box K346 Haymarket
Sydney NSW 1238,

Tel: +61 2 9217 0111
Fax : +61 2 9217 0622 

 Röntgen Gedächtnisstätte

 Röntgen memorial museum in Würzburg, where W. C. Röntgen discovered the X-rays.
 Röntgen-Gedächtnisstätte Würzburg,
Röntgenring 8,
97070 Würzburg,
Germany, Europe
Tel: +49 931 3511 6002
Fax: +49 931 3511 6044
 Museum of Innovation and Science (formerly Schenectady Museum) 

 Collection description: Archives and artifacts associated with medical imaging innovations at General Electric. Highlights of the artifacts include William Coolidge's collection of X-ray tubes, 1897 Elihu Thomson X-ray machine and tube, 1921 Victor X-ray control panel and transformer, 1930s dental X-ray units, and 300 early X-ray tubes. Archives features early photographs of Thomson and Coolidge equipment, papers and publicity materials from General Electric Research Laboratory (1900-1990), Elihu Thomson papers, 1950 retirement scrapbook documenting development of medical technology during career of John Clough, president of GE X-ray Corporation, and several motion picture films featuring William Coolidge.
Other activities: Interactive MRI exhibition, displays of antique X-ray tubes, You Tube channel featuring digitized X-ray films
 Museum of Innovation and Science
15 Nott Terrace Heights
Schenectady, New York 12308, USA

Tel: +1 518 382 7890
Fax: +1 518 382 7893

Contact: Chris Hunter, Curator of Collections and Exhibitions 

 The Roentgen Society collection of X-ray tubes.
 The Science Museum
Exhibition Road,
South Kensington,
London SW7 2DD,
 The "Technikmuseum Schweiz" includes 2500 electro technique exhibits including X-ray technique; presented only via internet.
 Electrosuisse Verband
Luppmenstrasse 1
CH-8320 Fehraltorf
Swiss, Europe 

Bakken Museum 

 The Bakken Museum's collections include approximately 11,000 books, journals, and manuscripts, and about 2,300 instruments, medical devices, and other artifacts. The subject of the collection is the history of electricity and magnetism with a focus on their roles in the life sciences and medicine. The collecting emphasis is on the 18th, 19th, and early 20th centuries.
The library collection includes works in early physics (natural philosophy) and early works on magnetic cures, electrotherapeutics, electrophysiology, and their accompanying instrumentation.
The instrument collection includes electrostatic generators by George Adams, Edward Nairne, John Cuthbertson and others; magneto-electric generators; medical stimulators designed by Duchenne, induction coils, physiological instrumentation by E.J. Marey; recording devices; cardiac pacing devices; and accessories.

Other activities:
Current exhibitions include: "Ben Franklin's Electricity Party" (static electricity parlor tricks), "Frankenstein's Laboratory" (object theater), "Spark of Life" (history and culture of electricity), "Mysteries of Magnetism," and "Body Electric" (how our bodies make and use electricity).

Collection of any X-ray artefacts; based on a collection of the company Medtronic, a manufacturer of biomedical engineering devices founded by Earl Bakken.

 The Bakken Museum
3537 Zenith Avenue South
Minneapolis, Minnesota 55416-4623, USA
Tel: +1 612 926 3878
Fax: +1 612 927 7265
Contact: Adrian Fischer

 Tube Museum of Udo Radtke: 18000 different tubes, 200 of them early X-ray tubes; exposed in a 60m2 room; visits by appointment possible. Call: +49 171 332 1204.
 Since about 1984
Udo Radtke
Im Füchtei 143,
D-33334 Gütersloh,
Germany, Europe
Tel: +49 521 85783
Fax: +49 521 5225268 
 Technical valve collection of Thomas Rapp, including some X-ray tubes.
 Germany, Europe 

Medical museum and exhibit

Exposition: "The Trail of Invisible Light: A Century of Medical Imaging".

 Since 1989
University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics
200 Hawkins Drive
Iowa City, Iowa 52242, USA
Tel: +1 319 356 1616
 Virtual Museum of the South Australian Medical Heritage Society 

 Virtual Museum of the South Australian Medical Heritage Society Inc (SAMHS); including some X-ray tubes and medical imaging machines.
Pictures and comments.
 Sydney, Australia
Web content : 
 Former private collection of X-ray tubes of Grzegorz Jezierski, now in the museum of Opole University.

The collection consists of X-ray tubes from various application fields: medical and industrial units, those for X-ray diffraction and for X-ray fluorescence, as well as unique X-ray sources like e.g. sources for X-ray lithography, dismountable pulse tube or sources with a microfocus. As far as the X-ray tubes themselves are concerned, they come from various manufacturers of almost the entire world, however they are Coolidge-type tubes, so they were manufactured in the 20s of the previous century or later. Beside the X-ray tubes, made of glass and metals, exposed are housings and heads of X-ray units and also complete X-ray units for various applications. Moreover, the collection includes other exhibits related to X-ray radiation, like kenotrons (rectifier tubes), X-ray image intensifiers, X-ray cameras, X-ray lenses, dosimetric equipment for X-ray radiation measurements and auxiliary equipment for X-ray examinations, including X-ray diffraction cameras. In quite large numbers represented is domestic and foreign literature related to X-ray radiation. The collection is accompanied by a portfolio of artistic X-ray photographs taken by numerous artists from around the world.
The collection located in two rooms of the museum numbers currently (on 1.04.2014) almost 900 unique exhibits. All the exhibits come from donations from 365 benefactors, including 130 of them from abroad.

 Museum of Opole University of Technology
ul. Prószkowska 76 (budynek nr 5),
45-758 Opole
Tel: +48 514 638 097
+48 77 449 86 40
Contact: Grzegorz Jezierski 
 Museo Virtuale de Fisica Medica 

 Virtual museum of the Associazione Italiana de Fisica Medica.
References to articles.
Contact Person: Mario Reggio 

 Private collection Alastair Wright
(no Web site)
 Small collection of tubes along with some early high-frequency devices and induction coils for powering the tubes, fluoroscopes, etc.
Large collection of Crookes and Geissler tubes.
United Kingdom

Contact person: Alastair Wright 

 Centre Céramique 

 Collection of tubes and pictures:
2 Ruhmkorf,
some glass objects from Crookes in 1879,
some glass negatives from Röntgen pictures from 1896, some Röntgen tubes around 1900.
 Avenue Céramique 50,
6221 KV Maastricht

Contact person: Wim Dijkman / Tom Dierichs 

 Philips Museum 

 Collection of Philips historical products, including X-rays.
 Philips museum
Emmasingel 31
5611 AZ Eindhoven
Philips Historische Producten
Looyenbeemd 24
5652 BH Eindhoven


Collection Albert Renaud
(Hospices Civils de Lyon) 

 About 1000 objects from 18th century till 1960, including X-ray tubes.

Actually closed
Future museum? 

Mr Pierre GRESLE ,
Directeur en charge du patrimoine, Hospices Civils de Lyon,
3 quai des Célestins,
69002 Lyon

Contact : Michel Amiel 

 Curie Museum 

 The Curie Museum's collection consists of instruments and scientific equipment, personal and commemorative objects Curie and Joliot Curie, dating for most of the first half of the 20th century.
There are apparatus used to detect, observe or measure radioactivity, as well as equipment and chemicals stored in the personal chemistry of Marie Curie laboratory.
The furniture and the objects of the office of the Director, as awards in honor of Marie Curie, Irène and Frédéric Joliot-Curie are also part of this unique collection.
Finally, for 20 years, this set has been enriched, through donations and acquisitions, of medical objects used in radiotherapy and household items illustrating the use of radium in the early 20th.

Also archives and photographs collections.

 Musée Curie
1 rue Pierre et Marie Curie
75005 Paris

Tel : +33 1 56245533

 Medical technology is exciting, innovative and focused on people. At Siemens, the history of this fascinating technology started more than 160 years ago. What has changed during this time, and the huge advances that have been made in the field, are on display at the Siemens Museum for Medical Technology, or Siemens MedMuseum, in Erlangen.

The Siemens MedMuseum tells the stories of pioneering figures and features selected pieces illustrating the development of these technologies from their early days to the present. Equipped with digital magnifiers, visitors are invited to stroll through the museum's 400 squaremeter grounds and immerse themselves in the fascinating world of medical technology.
The Siemens MedArchiv is one of the world's most important medical technology archives. Its collection stretches back to the 19th century. The collection includes nearly 750 meters of shelf space full of files, 400 photo albums, over 20,000 printed photos, 20,000 negatives, 1,200 films, over 200 volumes of company publications, and much more.

 Siemens Unternehmensmuseum für Medizinische Technik
(Siemens MedMuseum)

Gebbertstraße 1
91052 Erlangen
+49 9131-736 000 

Centre Antoine Béclère 

 Collection of documents and mock-ups of instruments.

Very few information on the web-site.

UFR Bio-Médical des Saint Pères
45, rue des Saints Pères
75270 Paris Cedex 06

Tél.: +33 1 42 86 22 95
Fax: +33 1 42 86 38 85

 Electrotherapy Museum is a private collection including some X-ray tubes.
 Contact: Jeff Behary, ,
Mobile: +1 954 253-3529
Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Radiologists 

 Trainor/Owen Collection (under development)
Contact: Michelle Goodman
Archivist and Curator
Tel: +61 2 9268 9725
 Tayside Medical History Museum (University of Dundee) 

Based at Ninewells Hospital and Medical School, the Medical History Collections are among the finest in Scotland, and include material from Dundee Royal Infirmary, Royal Dundee Liff Hospital and Sunnyside Hospital near Montrose.
Dundee has a notable history of X-ray experimentation. This display in the Radiology Department on level 6 features a fascinating selection of X-ray equipment through the ages, as well as highlighting the contributions of local pioneers, George Pirie, Weymouth Reid and JP Kuenen.
Due to refurbishments in the Medical School the main displays of the museum are currently closed. We hope to re-open in a new location in 2014.
 Matthew Jarron
Curator of Museum Services
University of Dundee
Tel: +44 1382 384310 
 The X-ray tubes used by pioneer radiologist John Macintyre at Glasgow Royal Infirmary

Also library: 

 Carol Parry (Mrs)
Library and Heritage Manager
Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Glasgow
232 - 242 St Vincent Street, Glasgow, G2 5RJ
T + 44 (0)141 221 6072 | F + 44 (0)141 221 1804 
Röntgen-memorial Würzburg
 In het voormalige Institute of Physics van de universiteit van Würzburg - vandaag Fachhochschule Würzburg-Schweinfurt - ontdekte Prof dr Wilhelm Conrad Röntgen laat op vrijdag avond van 8 november 1895 - zoals hij zelf zei, "want er is geen gedienstige geesten meer waren in het huis," deze sensationele stralen, waaraan hij de naam van X-stralen.

Ter gelegenheid van de eerste openbare lezing op 23 januari 1896 op uitnodiging van de Fysisch-Medical Society naar Würzburg - had Röntgen zijn werk bracht op 28 december voor de publicatie "Op een nieuw soort stralen" - het was de beroemde anatoom uitstek ingewijd van Koelliker, die voorstelde om de stralen na hun ontdekker aanwijzen - X-stralen.

Röntgen-Kuratorium Würzburg e.V.
Röntgenring 8
97070 Würzburg

Telefon +49 931 3511 6002
Telefax +49 931 3511 6044 


 Ultrasound Dr Woo
 Obstetric Ultrasound is the use of ultrasound scans in pregnancy. Since its introduction in the late 1950's ultrasonography has become a very useful diagnostic tool in Obstetrics.
Dr. Joseph S.K. Woo
Hong Kong.
Belgian Society of Radiology
Information portal for radiologists, their patients, the media, and public authorities
Belgian society for radiology
 Teeth and Bones - A History of X-Rays
 Some articles on the history of X-rays and radiology.
The Dental Center of Indiana (USA)
 Museo della Radiologica
 Objects and articles about the history of X-rays and radiology.
Located in the university of Palermo.
tel:+39 91 6552339
Fax:+39 91 6552325

Thanks to: