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The Belgian Museum of Radiology is established in November 1990 in the hallways of the radiology department of the Military Hospital Koningin Astrid/Reine Astrid in Brussels, Belgium.
The initiative was taken to celebrate the centennial “The discovery of X-Rays” and to go beyond to share this in a continuous context showing the evolution of medical imaging through history.

The museum aims at gathering, identifying, restoring, storing and valuing the patrimony of radiology. The remembering of facts, equipment, works, practices and persons which can testify about the scientific, technical and cultural developments in the field of medical imaging.
It shows the history of Belgian civil and military radiology.
The museum provides an overview of the radiological past by:

Reconstructions of ancient radiology practices

Showcases and displays with different objects out of the past of radiology

Posters representing the evolution in the time of the different aspects of medical imaging

Visitors can walk freely through history, from the first discoveries from X-rays to the most recent developments.
The museum also ensures the promotion of radiology through dedicated exhibitions, lectures, didactic excursions, publications with
 pedagogical, social, cultural or educational character.
On demand different objects of the collection can be lent to different organizations.
They were already included in historical exhibitions and used in sceneries of feature films.

                      2016 Exhibit in Veurne                                                      2015 Romanced documentary: Marie CURIE pendant la guerre 14-18

A to radiology and medical imaging dedicated library encompasses historical and specialized books and scientific journals.
“He who does not honor the past, is not worthy of the present”
Inscription on the Fortress of Douamont, Verdun France

The museum is supported and managed by the non-profit organization Asklepios, founded in July 1992.
The purpose of Asklepios is to promote the collection, preservation and display of objects and documents, which are of cultural and educational importance to the medical imaging world. The organization sustains the "Belgian Museum of Radiology" in all kind of ways. It financially supports the museum and provides a group of volunteers, organizes periodically activities such as symposia and excursions to historically significant places related to radiology and medical imaging.

Without the continuous support of the Medical Component of the Belgian Military Defense and the Military Hospital Queen Astrid, the museum could not be established.

Private donations, grants from companies and subsidies from different official authorities contribute to the operational cost.
Museum Team

Founder & Honorary Curator
Dr. R. Van Tiggelen

R. Van den Broeck

Guardians of the Collection
R. Corman
M. Kubis
E. Van der Fraenen

C. Dehaeseleer
W. Van der Gucht

Digital Communication
A. Feltkamp - Facebook
Ph. Sioen - Webmaster / Database
R. Van den Broeck - EDU

Technical Support
P. Docquier

Supporting Consultants
J. Dirckx
A. Feltkamp
J. Speleers

Members of the Board of Asklepios
Prof. Em. Dr. G. Storme – President
Ph. Sioen - Treasurer
R. Van den Broeck - Administration
Dr. R. Van Tiggelen - Member
Privacy declaration
Privacy declaration